Friday, November 25, 2011

A very long day lands us at Carpinteria State Beach

Tom is looking for RV parks in Pismo or San Luis Obispo. We've been in our space @Carpinteria State Beach for about 30 minutes.

We both contributed to this post:

Tom : Wedged between two other rigs with 4 feet on one side and 6 feet on the other, this park is a real peach.
Forget that I dragged mostly my bike for three blocks due to bike rack failure, my fault; forget that we had a complete tread separation on one of the trailer tires and for AAA for an hour ...those were the highlights of our day.
I wouldn't park this close to other rigs in a Walmart parking lot.
(Laughing )
We bought three things of cayenne pepper to scare away the raccoons we'd heard about!
Ya gotta laugh ...

Schelby : I can feel our rig move every time the people next to us open their trailer door. Oh, I think that was a beer can kicked under our trailer.
Apparently, there is a waste treatment facility nearby, we just lit some incense.
And we have cracked two beers. Things are looking up. Or at least it's smelling better ..