Friday, September 9, 2011

K-SVERT on the playa!

Our K-SVERT Mobile Broadcast Center reconstructed on the playa! Let the tunes begin!
Aida makes her mobile debut:

The Leopard sign makes an appearance from storage:

Mohawk Tommy with Aida on the Esplanade, across from the Party Naked folks:

Roy has relaxed into things: 

I think we feel like proud parents to have birthed this new incarnation of K-SVERT:

The Man on Thursday morning:

The Technomads talk nomadism on Thursday afternoon:

Playa Life:

It took me a while to figure out what these guys were doing...apparently, they are Playa Zombies:

Friday playa broadcast from the Man at the 6:00 road:

Men of K-SVERT:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TrailerLuvTv Video: Cruising Around the Playa at Night

Random lights at night...cruising around the playa:

Burning Man photo snapped from Earth's orbit -

Yes, Burning Man sold out this year. No, it's not the last year of Burning Man (contrary to the perrenial rumor)

Here's how it lays out:

Burning Man photo snapped from Earth's orbit -

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TrailerLuvTV Video: Finding Camp Nomadia

After the 5 hour line...we finally make it onto the playa and search for our new "home" with Camp Nomadia:

TrailerLuvTV Video: The Burning Man Trek to the Playa-The Wait

And get a good look at Tommy's mohawk:

little chief honeybee.: Say Hello to Honeybean!

While checking out the blogger tool, Bloglovin', I stumbled across this travel trailer transformation.

A 1968 Yellowstone gets a makeover and becomes a travelling showcase for Little Chief Honeybean.

While the closet area takes up a good deal of the newly transformed space for the host's business and sure is cute! It's amazing what some paint, new curtains & seat-covers and peel and stick floor tiles can do!

little chief honeybee.: Say Hello to Honeybean!:

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TrailerLuv's Playa Camp & Visitors

We caravaned onto the playa with Roy and set up camp. Shelter, outdoor kitchen, seating and ice the coolers. Dan is our first visitor!

Then Sacramento Dave rolls in for a cold one...

Roger & Debbie come by to check out our set-up and find out where the K-SVERT Mobile Broadcast Center is stationed

R & D wanted to make sure Burning Man was as fun as they remember from last year!

The Trek to the Playa

After stopping in Reno to load up on more playa supplies, we hit the road to the Black Rock Desert. The scenery is stark.

Ah, I see that we're not the only ones making the pilgrimage to Black Rock City...

Then we start seeing the signs...and yes, we turned right here:

This year's theme: Rites of Passage

And then we're in line...a long, long line...5 hours of long, long line...