Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Django The Little Camper Dog and An Adventure Cut Short

I know I'm biased but isn't our littlest family member just so stinkin' cute?

He's even more handsome in person :)
So is Tom :)

Our camping excursion to Oregon was cut short right after these pics were taken. We had to rush back to the Bay Area--though, I don't know if you can call 10 hours rushing. But that's pretty much how long it takes to haul-ass from Harris Beach State Park to San Jose, Ca.

On our way back we just had to suck it up and wave as we passed the spots we had originally planned to stop...like The Avenue of the Giants:

Caspar Beach, Mendocino

And sleepy-cool little Petaluma

And missed the beer-tasting we had planned at Lagunitas Brewing Company

Ah, well, I guess that just means we'll have to go back and try it again!