Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And on to The Oregon Coast and Harris Beach State Park

The next leg of our adventure took us from Oregon back into California and then back into Oregon again.

As we approached Grants Pass, we could smell smoke. There were fires raging in the mountain forests. We had no idea, having been "unplugged" from the news and such for a few days.

We raced on, trying to get ahead of it but could now see the smoke everywhere.

We passed through a plethora of little mountain towns, waved to a fire crew resting alongside Highway 199 and re-entered Oregon. Harris Beach State Park is just over the border from California and what a fine sight to see!

This is a great park! We would so go back there! Most of the spaces are surrounded by greenery and felt much more private than the wide-open sites at Valley of the Rogue. Add in ocean breezes, a little morning fog, a little afternoon sunshine and we were happy campers!

We took Django for an "unwind walk" through the trees surrounding the park.

And caught the sunset.

Time to pour some wine, fire up the grill and prep S'mores! Or, rather, I should say "S'meeses."

Yes, those are Reeses peanut butter cups and a few M & M's in those s'mores--I mean, s'meeses.

What to do after a glass of wine and a S'meese? Cue the flip-flop lights and settle in for the evening.

Looks pretty cozy, right? Harris Beach State Park is definitely on the "return-to" list.

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