Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heal The Bay Gives two of my favorite Santa Cruz Beach campsites A+'s

Each week, over 500 beaches are graded A to F based on bacteria analysis. Check back often for the latest grades...know before you go!

Beach Report Card for California

Free or Really Cheap Family Summer Fun

Camping can be a real summer vacation are some ideas shared by Pam Jasso Sigurdson from her Houston radio show that can come in handy wherever you are!

Target Stores - pays for free museums and events across the country - go to and click on "arts and culture" to find out what's happening near you. 

Bank of America customers, flash your card for access to 150+ museums nationwide the first weekend of every month.  Visit

$.50 to $1 movies - during the summer, Regal and Cinemark offer one or two weekday matinee specials per week.

Take a Hike - Several weekends a year, more than 100 national parks offer free admission - check for dates

Go bowling - Lanes nationwide are offering two free games to kids all summer.  Sign up to receive a voucher at

Hear a story - libraries have drop in story hour once a week, Pottery Barn Kids - free story time on Tuesday mornings

At Apple Camp (in Apple retail stores) kids ages 8-12 learn how to make their own film using iMovie software.  The 3-day workshop leads to a festival where campers can debut their flicks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Mr. Heater Little Buddy

This little guy kept us from freezing our you-know-whats off in Quartzite, Az in Dec-Jan. It's so easy to use, runs off a standard camp propane can and turns itself off if you accidentally tip it over. (We tipped it over just to see if it really would turn itself off and it did.)

Truly portable and very handy if you do any camping where there could be a slight--or big--chill in the air.

Canoodling under stars

Camping is romantic!

What's better than canoodling under stars? Not much. Add fresh air + campfire + a splash of champagne in our over-the-top goblets we picked up at the Madonna Inn on our way to a Pismo Beach TrailerLuv getaway and what have you got? A scene ripe for romance.

No timetable, no TV, nowhere you "have" to be except wherever you are!

Having the time and space to just enjoy each other's company without the regular distractions that plague home life is such a treat. Collecting shells, beach frisbee or even just stopping long enough to enjoy a stunning sunset can be so relaxing you may slide on into a romantic frame of mind without even planning it!

Romanticcamping blog has some ideas to make your next camping adventure a sizzler:
lots of great chocolate, some quality massage oils and a couple of toys
scented candles
chocolate wine
your birthday suit for skinny-dipping
whip cream
lacy bra and panty
patience and a sense of adventure
comfortable bedding
the Right Attitude!
wine/ sparkling cider
accidentally only one sleeping bag or two that zip together
x-rated dice

My favorite suggestion is "the Right Attitude!" Whatever else you add to the mix, the right attitude will set you on the path to romance. Focus on each other, in the moment and let nature do the rest!

RV-sized asteroid will buzz the Earth on Monday | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

An RV-sized asteroid? Does that include the slideouts?

RV-sized asteroid will buzz the Earth on Monday | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got an extra $1.5 million laying around?

Check out this RV porn, shared by NuRver Kev:

Newell P2000i RV Review - Feature - Car and Driver

Destination Wish List: Crater Lake

Wizard Island in Crater Lake graces the latest cover of AAA's Via magazine. 

I've yet to camp in Oregon but really want to! I've heard stories from fellow campers that Oregon campgrounds are generally pretty cool with swell sites and cheaper-than-California overnight rates.

I'm just starting to do research but my jones for Oregon camping was definitely pumped up by the article in "Via." Here's a link to it:

And this is a link to make reservations to camp at Crater Lake National Park:

If you get there before I do, let me know!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meeting up with old and new friends at Quartzite, Az

Meet-Up with Nu-Rvers in Quartzite for New Year's Eve 2010!

Sam cooked up an amazing brekkie on his heavy duty campfire grill...

Nu-Rver Kev and Tommy show off their new flea-market-find-skull-caps...honestly, it was so cold, they would have worn sparkle pony caps. Luckily, they found the skulls first.

Learn more about Quartzite at this link:

trailerluv: Hello Mercey Hot Springs!

trailerluv: Hello Mercey Hot Springs!

Hello Mercey Hot Springs!

When you arrive at Mercey Hot Springs, check in first at the little chapel. That's where you get the lowdown on the campsite policies and the hot springs.

One of the most fun things about camping is the friendly people you meet. Below, fellow camper Pat poses in front of her lovely vintage Airstream. She invited us in for a chat and to have a look around her little trailer gem. Tom would love to have an Airstream someday. I'm glad he didn't try to arm-wrestle Pat for hers!

Ukelele Tommy @ Seacliff Beach in Santa Cruz