Monday, June 27, 2011

Canoodling under stars

Camping is romantic!

What's better than canoodling under stars? Not much. Add fresh air + campfire + a splash of champagne in our over-the-top goblets we picked up at the Madonna Inn on our way to a Pismo Beach TrailerLuv getaway and what have you got? A scene ripe for romance.

No timetable, no TV, nowhere you "have" to be except wherever you are!

Having the time and space to just enjoy each other's company without the regular distractions that plague home life is such a treat. Collecting shells, beach frisbee or even just stopping long enough to enjoy a stunning sunset can be so relaxing you may slide on into a romantic frame of mind without even planning it!

Romanticcamping blog has some ideas to make your next camping adventure a sizzler:
lots of great chocolate, some quality massage oils and a couple of toys
scented candles
chocolate wine
your birthday suit for skinny-dipping
whip cream
lacy bra and panty
patience and a sense of adventure
comfortable bedding
the Right Attitude!
wine/ sparkling cider
accidentally only one sleeping bag or two that zip together
x-rated dice

My favorite suggestion is "the Right Attitude!" Whatever else you add to the mix, the right attitude will set you on the path to romance. Focus on each other, in the moment and let nature do the rest!

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