Saturday, August 13, 2011

Burning Man Project Update: Outdoor Kitchen & Does this fridge work?

We're planning on setting up an outdoor kitchen for chillin' & grillin' on the playa. The guys have removed the kitchenette from the former tent trailer that's now being turned into Mobile K-SVERT.

Can we convert the parts into a workable outdoor kitchen that will serve as meal headquarters for the three of us (me, Tom & Roy) and provide a space for us to whip up tasty snacks for impromptu Happy Hours?

We don't know yet if the little fridge even works but Tom is re-plumbing it to hook it up to some propane (a propane fridge is a real plus in the desert where electricity is hard to come by) and then we'll light it, wait and see if it does indeed get cold:

Yes! We have a chilling propane fridge complete with playa dust already in it!

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