Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Burning Man Project Update: New Photos as work continues...

Tom & Mike are back at work on the tent trailer to become a mobile broadcast center for K-SVERT at Burning Man. In previous years, K-SVERT has lived in a single location, most often on the "Esplanade" aka The Main Drag.

This year, the plan is to take K-SVERT out onto the playa, wherever the action is! Today, the guys have removed the tent trailer's kitchen, which we'll use in camp...and they've connected the batteries & inverter so that we'll have power to run the station while it's mobile.

Here's Tommy makin' a kitchen:

And Mike's making sure the power will be on when we need it out there in the desert!

A few technical finishing touches and this baby will be ready to broadcast. Next step: some trailerluv beautification, bewitchery and costumery. in other words, we gotta spruce this thing up visually!


Unknown said...

It's looking sweet- how exciting!! XS wants to help DJ!

Schelby & Tom said...

Ok, XS. Get your songlist ready!