Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Generating" buzz for Burning Man

How do we "generate" enough juice to keep our trailer's air conditioner running for a bit during those hot desert daze at Burning Man? Say hello to our newest little (well, not that little) friend, a 3500 watt Champion generator: 

It "only" weighs about 100 pounds so these wheels will come in handy:

Tommy, the Deal Dog, found this kit on clearance for a mere $2.07! We likey the pricey!


Unknown said...

$2.07??! Wowser...and how much noise does this little baby make?!

Schelby & Tom said...

We haven't test-fired it yet...supposed to be medium-quiet.

Tom the Camper said...

We are doing the "some assembly required" on the Genny this weekend. I am told we need to "break it in" (run under some load for about 10 hours, one tank full of gas). I have had some experience with these Champion units. They are muffled but not as quiet as a Honda EU series, considering it's only 1/8th the price for a bit more power, I'm willing to do the extra step of building a quiet box for the Playa!