Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Aid Tacklebox

I saw this on Pinterest, originally posted by as a baby tackle box. But with a little adjustment, you could deploy this idea as a Travel Tacklebox or Camping Tacklebox.!

There's a slot for pain relievers and if you're like us and you use more than one, there are plenty of slots for aspirin, Aleve and Ibuprofen. On the same level of the box, you could add sinus/allergy relievers, Pepto-tabs, cold relievers and anything else that might come in a pill.

Next level could be for cuts, scrapes, burns and stings. Stock it with neosporin, cortizone cream, bandaids of different sizes, gauze and medical tape. You might also want to add a bag that could serve as a cold compress-just add ice!

On the bottom level, sunscreens,  antiseptic or cleansing wipes and maybe an extra pair of glasses to replace any that don't survive one of your more rambunctious adventures.

Happy & Safe Camping!

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emersunrose said...

I've been using a tacklebox for my beads and findings since I was a teenager and used ice cube trays for my earrings. I love all kinds of containers and using a tacklebox for a "medicine chest" is wonderful!