Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest blog from the sweet little three-legged pooch, Abby Noodle Bumskooter, who just spent a weekend in Black Rock Desert for 4th of Juplaya

We went camping in the little rolling house this weekend. I was very sad because
I saw mommy packing stuff up and thought she was going to leave me. But then my
Mike showed up and mommy put me in his truck, and put all the stuff she packed
in the little rolling house.

Then I got to sit on mommy's lap for a really long drive. We stopped in a place
called 'mountains' for 'gas' and I got to run around and do my business. It
smelled really good there.

Then we got back in the truck and drove some more and stopped in 'parking lot'.
We all went in the rolling house and I got to sleep with mommy and my Mike. Then
they tried to take me into a place called 'store' but a man told them I couldn't
be there so mommy put me in the rolling house. I cried and cried but they left
me there all by myself.

I was so relieved when she came back because I always want to be with my mommy.
We drove some more and it was really hot and we went to a place mommy calls

we stayed in the rolling house all weekend and it was nice. But there were big
booms, and it made me scared, and I couldn't stop shaking. Then Auntie Laura
shoved something down my throat, which I didn't like, but then I felt better and
not so scared.

The next day we went to 'hot springs'. Mommy took me in the water which I don't
really like so i got out and ran around. I tried to get food from some people,
but mommy grabbed me and took me back into the water.

Auntie Laura shoved something down my throat again, and I still didn't like it.
I got really tired and she had to carry me back to the car.

The next day we packed everything back into the rolling house and drove back to
a place called 'Reno'. Mommy and my Mike moved things around and we left the
rolling house there. I ran around and pooped and it was really hot so I sat in
the shade. I was sad to leave the rolling house. I really really like living in

I hope I get to stay in the rolling house again.
ed note: Thanks for the guest blog, Abby...with an assist from the beautiful Wendy and hearty Uncle Mike

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Mike Aquino said...

Abby was such a good girl all weekend. She loves to camp and drive in the car but could do without loud fireworks, thank you!