Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cabinets & Hardware Prep Underway

Interior makeover underway!

First, we removed the drawers and cabinet doors:

Wow, these are so ugly. Was this the height of fashion in 1981?
I have a hard time believing this look was ever the height of fashion...but that's how they made 'em then.

Then, scrub off 30+ years of whatever...I'm using this stuff...TSP.

Remove the hardware, making sure we keep track of which hardware goes with which cabinet. 

We numbered the inside of the cabinets and I put the hardware into little baggies with the corresponding numbers.

We were going to paint the hardware but now we're thinking that if we clean it'll have a bit of a vintage look to it. After all, it's 30+ years old--that's vintage, right?

 If you try this, make sure you use gloves. I let it sit in the TSP for a few minutes, scrub it, let it sit for a few more minutes, then rinse in water and wipe it off.

It's starting to feel so good that everything will be nice and clean and fresh!

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Unknown said...

There's always Target & Lowes for knobs & hinges for a modern look