Friday, July 26, 2013

In the Shadow of Mt. Shasta

We rolled in here after hours on the road on a 96-degree late July day at  dusk.
We found the Lake Sis Grill and Bar alongside the "Arcade," Gift Shop, and Bijou Theatre.  "Despicable Me" offered on the screen tonight.
Relaxation Gear One engaged.

The best part about camping at the Lake Siskiyou RV Resort & Campground was that we got to spend some time in the hot afternoon of Day 2 of our camping adventure on the beach at the lake.

It was great fun to cool off after a hearty camp breakfast!

I often make some things ahead of time, freeze them and thaw as needed--like these Egg-Corn Muffins with sauteed red onions, sundried tomatoes and a fat slice of gorgonzola cheese!

Next on the journey: over the border to Oregon!

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