Monday, July 15, 2013

Priming, Painting & Gnome-Homes

I've cleaned and lightly sanded the cabinet doors.
 Time to prime!

We chose KILZ Pro-X after some Googling aka "research."

 The consensus appears to be to go for a high-adhesive primer and this one from KILZ was recommended by the Paint Counter Guy at Home Depot.

Priming the laminate and paneling inside the trailer, too, of course.

And then the first coat of color-Yay! Cabinets-muted green.

Loft area above the bed platform gets blue like the sky 

And the trailer walls go creamy yellow.

We've decided the RV sofa will exit stage-left which means more floor space than we've ever had in this trailer. What ever will we do with it?

1. Install a bowling alley?

2. Build a gnome amusement park?

3. Cover it with a rug and set up a temporary table?

 While #'s 1 & 2 sound fun (but a little noisy) we'll probably go with #3, at least for now. We always have the space if we run across some entertainment-starved gnomes on our travels. 

Though, the possibilities around "Gnome-Home-on-Wheels" are pretty enticing. All right...back to it!

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