Monday, July 1, 2013

Crazy From the Heat?

Repair Job commences. Bonus: It's hottest weekend of the year so far! Step One involved a trip to Home Depot to pick up 2x4's, 2x2's, and about 30 Fender Washers to shore up the inside structure and re-attach the listing tin. You can see a little bit of the new structure taking shape below. Side note; NPR's "Wait Wait; Don't Tell Me" is playing in the background.

I'm considering changing the name of this blog to "WasherLuv." Second trip to Home Depot to get more. But the repair plan seems to be working.

Starting to add the adhesive sealer tape.

This stuff is used to repair roofs and the adhesive grows stickier in the heat. That's all good, of course, but ya gotta work quickly.

It ain't pretty, by any means, but getting it back together is the priority right now.

Figuring out how to cover the horizontal seam. Tom has drafted our young man to help (now that he's awakened at noon from his summertime slumber. Remember those lazy summer days? Yeah, me neither.)

First cross-seam seal in place. Unfortunately, we ran out of the sticky-seal stuff and will have to revisit this part of the repair when it arrives. Luckily, it should only take 2 days.

Meanwhile, an interior remodel/revamp plan is taking shape.In the pic below, you can sorta see that the bed is currently oriented sideways. That means that someone is always kinda trapped in the back which can make anyone feel a little claustrophobic. If that's ever been you in that spot in the camper, then you know whereof I speak. 

We've decided it's time to tackle and conquer the claustrophobia by turning the bed so that it'll be straight-on rather than sideways. That means building an extension onto the bed platform. And, while we're at it, why don't we just refinish all the cabinets and paint the interior?

When I get ideas like these, Tom often talks me down from the ledge. But this time he did not. I think we may both be crazy from the heat. More to come.

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